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First Appear Version 1
Type of Block Interactive
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used to Break Axe
Data Values Hex: *Need Info*
*Need Info*
Obeys Law of Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No

Crafting Recipe[edit]

Crafting an caster requires the following

Place the components in the following configuration:


Arcane Ash



Vinteum Dust



Arcane Ash




The caster is a block that runs on Raw Essence to cast spells when powered by a redstone signal.


Setting Up[edit]

The caster requires a little bit of setup before it can be used. Once placed, it will require a source of Raw Essence. It will indicate that it is powered by the purple rods slowly spinning around the core.

The caster has 4 slots in the inventory. The center slot is for a spell. Only certain Spells can be used in a caster block. The outer three slots are for various Foci.

CasterUI 1.png

In order to cast a spell, the caster needs at least one spell Focus. This is required to determine the Casting Mode that the caster will use. Lesser Focus will cast spells at a lower strength and lower mana cost, while a Greater Focus will cast spells at a higher strength.

The other two focus slots can be filled with either Charge Foci or Mana Foci. Foci do not stack in the Caster in at least the version for Minecraft 1.5.2

CasterUI 2.png

Casting Spells[edit]

The caster will cast its spell when powered with a redstone current. Depending on the type of Spell used, the redstone input will have to change slightly:

  • Channeled Spells will cast as long as the block is powered
  • Projectile Spells will cast once powered. The block needs the redstone signal to shut off and come back on before it will cast again.
  • Self-Target Spells and Buffs will be converted to projectile spells, and the effect will be applied to whatever it hits. The block needs the redstone signal to shut off and come back on before it will cast again.
  • Block-target Spells will cast on the space directly in front of the caster.

Spell mana cost translates directly into the essence cost from the block's reserves before being modified by Foci in order to determine if the spell can be cast.

If a spell is not compatible with a caster block, it will not do anything.

Certain spells require Mana Foci in order to get around the mana cost being higher than the caster's capacity.

Charge Threshold[edit]

By default, the caster will charge itself back up to full once it falls below 50% power. However, if the spell's modified cost is higher than 50% of the total capacity, the charge threshold will be changed so that the minimum amount of power the caster needs is 100% - [Spell Mana Cost], ensuring it doesn't fall into a state where it does not have enough essence to cast, but also isn't at the point where it will not charge.

Essence Cap[edit]


Foci Accepted[edit]


Essence Conduit, Calefactor, Fabricator and Caster by Huntanor