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Raw Essence is the magical power source, created by a Nexus, that fuels the machines of Ars Magica. It comes in three types: Light, Dark, and Neutral.


Raw Essence is primarily used to power essence devices such as Calefactors, Magic Fabricators and Casters. Essence powered devices will only accept a single power source(determined when placed and configurable with a Crystal Wrench) but do not require line of sight to the power source.

While a Nexus has a limited range in which it can charge a device, this can be increased with the usage of Essence Conduits. Conduits, as well as some other devices can additionally generate deficit, which can have negative consequences.

Types of Essence[edit]

Raw Essence comes in three forms:

Light and Dark essence have inherent properties in addition to modifying the functionality(positively and/or negatively) of some essence powered blocks. Neutral essence has no benefits or downsides and functions the same as

Dark Essence[edit]

Naturally generated by a Dark Nexus, Dark Essence leans toward speed at the cost of additional power. Inherently, devices powered with Dark Essence shed deficit 25% slower than normal, if applicable.

Devices powered by Dark Essence display their essence totals with a red output when using Sense Energy.

Dark Enhancements[edit]

Essence powered devices that are augmented by Dark Essence are as follows:

  • Calefactor:
    • Cook speed increased by 50%
    • Power usage increased by 25%
    • 12.5% chance per item smelted to gain 100 deficit
    • 5% chance that item is destroyed instead of smelted/cooked.

Neutral Essence[edit]

Naturally generated by an Essence Nexus, Neutral Essence has no modifiers either inherently or device-specific.

Devices powered by Neutral Essence display their essence totals with a dark blue output when using Sense Energy.

Other Sources[edit]

Mana Batteries[edit]

Regardless of the incoming essence type used to charge them, Mana Batteries always output Neutral Essence.

Channel Essence[edit]

Essence created by the Channel Essence spell is decided by the device being charged.