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Assuming this is allowed(making sandboxes, that is), I may end up with a lot of stuff in them.

Generic Kill Curse

Tool Tip: "Face the generic wrath of my God!"

Diminished Casting costs 10 mana, deals 5 damage over the course of 10 seconds, similar to poison, but milk can't cure it, and it can kill things. Targets one, dealing damage to all types of foes. If one has Affinity, it deals 2 damage from it's affinity if damage would be obvious(fire, magma, lightning), or causes a minor effect in line with the Affinity(air blows them up, Ender teleports them a bit, icy slows them), while magic just causes a minor potion effect to them, lasting at most 10 seconds, and pure debuffs them, removing one diminished spell effect. If none are in place, it tries to cancel the next spell instead, but can only affect diminished castings.

Normal Casting costs 50 mana, deals 15 damage over the course of 5 seconds, as above, and affinity boost is ramped up(5 damage if obvious, not obviously harmful starts doing damage with a larger degree of consistency[air will blow you up high enough to take fall damage, ender causes damage just by teleporting you, and goes further, icy deals damage while you are slowed], magic causes moderate effects, pure debuffs up to normal effects, and can cancel a normal spell.

Augmented costs 500 Mana to cast, deals 20 damage over the course of 10 seconds, and affinity boosts are at a peak(direct damage deals 15 damage outright, less damaging effects put the target quite a bit in harms way[air will send you insanely high, or quite far if you can be knocked back quite a bit, or causes lingering gusts of wind to buffet you causing you to go around a room randomly, ender will teleport you into a dangerous situation, such as in a pitch black cave with low health, or high in the air, or even above lava], magic applies a couple potent effects, pure can dispel up to augmented effects, and will even try to cancel such spells, but does not always succeed.)

Kill Curse

Tool Tip: "That which does not live can not die." Doesn't mean it can't be blown into chunky giblets.

Diminished casting costs 5 mana, and can kill a mob which has less then 4 health. This spell does not actually do damage, but instead kills targets outright if they have less then the targeted amount of health(for players, not a 100% chance)

Normal casting costs 10 mana, can can kill a mob with less then 8 health(see a progression yet?)

Augmented casting costs 20 mana, and can kill a mob with less then 16 health(each level doubles in this spell)

Generic Rage Spell

Tool Tip: "I smolder with Generic Rage!"

Applies speed, strength and increases knockback on melee hits. Potion levels are 1 at diminished, 2 at normal, and 5 at augmented(knockback would be roughly the same amount as the potion level)

That'll be all for now, gonna include the link to this on my page and get some sleep --YX33A (talk) 09:05, 2 October 2012 (UTC)