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This page contains the upcoming features that have been considered and confirmed. There might be some leaks so stick around!

Confirmed Features[edit]

None as of yet

Open Beta 5.14[edit]

  • Gateways
    • Use Essence to power and can be configured using a keystone

Closed Beta 3.0[edit]

  • dedicated server!
  • meteor jump is not working properly
  • chain lightning does not target properly
  • building spawn improvements
  • light and dark mage spawns and patrols that scale with level
  • texture bugs
  • full config file

Closed Beta 2.99[edit]

  • Archmage towers will be reintroduced, as they no longer cause crashes on world load.
  • Light and Dark mage NPCs will be introduced with basic AI, though faction support is not happening until Version 2.0
    • Light mages and dark mages will fight each other though
    • Light mages are not hostile unless attacked
      • They will heal you if they notice your health is low
      • They will fight mobs
    • Dark mages are hostile on sight and possess the ability to cast random spells at you
  • A new Ars Magica power block will be introduced, the Calefactor
  • several bugfixes

Version 2.0[edit]

  • Factions - the light and dark mages are at war.
    • Which side will you choose? Gain access to faction-specific spells, and join the quest to corrupt or purify the world of Minecraft!
  • Corrupted/Purified biomes
  • More Mobs
  • More Spells
  • Advanced quest system (will be released as an API)
  • AI for Npc Wizards
  • Additional quests
  • Lots of Bug Fixes
  • More Towers


  • Adding the rest of the Wizard Towers.


These are suggestions made by our fellow crafters. If anything is put into the Considered Adding part, it will be immediately added to rejected. Note: Recently Added suggestions are checked daily.

Considered Adding[edit]

  • Re-Texture of Inscription Table.

Recently Added[edit]

Cloth wizard armor much like the archmage armor, however, with spell foci instead of essences. The focus would determine the durability of the armor. Each piece of armor could be crafted with a spell, (like a spellstaff) so that when you take damage, the spell is cast.

  • Wizard NPC villages.

Floating wizard castles

A form of self-casting, without using spell parchment or spellbooks. <-- Like if you use a spell enough times.

Revive Spell. If casted it will give you the Second Chance buff, meaning if you die it will revive you with 10 hearts. Cooldown= 7 minutes. <--- Called Chrono Anchor. It's already in.

What about ritual spells that require multiple players to cast in SMP? You draw a ritual circle using a colour of chalk, you then place "focus Crystals" at four points surrounding the circle. You then need a spell tome (A new kind of item used for rituals) of the ritual spell you want to cast which you then place in the center of the ritual circle by right clicking with it. You then right click a crystal once to activate it (which adds an item to your hot bar called an "Active crystal"). You then hold right click while aiming at the open book in the circle to channel energy into it. once the total amount of energy channeled into it is equal to the total mana required to complete the spell, the spell is cast. These would be massive spells. I.e. Creating force fields around an entire area, calling down lightning storms, or summoning massive creatures. Thanks for taking the time to read this rather lengthy Suggestion.

Add some things into the Nether. Maybe some form of unlockable pets? Possibly a special end-game Are Magical realm with buffed forms of all the Ars Magical mobs. And don't take out world-gen. It's one of the things that makes this mod my favorite mod. Make the journals more important like puzzle pieces are spread throughout the series.

A command that allows a certain customized radius have a nullifying affect which makes it a "safe" area from pvp and also mob entities with spells

A craftable table which you can use to create spells that take blocks nearby and create a design/building, the bigger the design/building, the more mana consumed

Underground cities with NPC mages guarding and living in them

Making it so that dead mobs leave bodies on the ground(unless they exploded), and add spells that resurrect the bodies to fight for you.

Special abilities based on your faction and higher level abilities for each wizard from your faction using their ability.

I'm not sure about the plausibility of this but some sort of revive other spell would be nice. It's really a pain when I'm fighting tower guardians, etc, and my friend dies and has to walk all the way back.

magical nuke with a nice VFX like [1] (doesnt matter wether strategic or experimental)