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Summoned Shadow

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Summoned Shadow
Health Points 20
Defense Points 2
Attack Strength 10
Drops None
Spawn Summoned
Mana 550

General Information[edit]

The Summoned Shadow is a copy of yourself that will fight for you.


The Summoned Shadow will take on a darker version of the skin of its caster, and will generally run around and attack most aggressive mobs.

If the player dies the Shadow will despawn.

The shadow's available spells are determined by what spells the caster has on their action bar (spells in Spell Books are included). Spells are limited to only ones that the AI can cast. A general rule of thumb for this is if it can be cast in a Caster, then the AI can cast it too. This is not always the case, though, but is still a good guideline.

If no castable spells are found, then the shadow is given Arcane Bolt as a default spell.

If you right click while the shadow is summoned it will instantly die and you have to spawn a new one.

Cast times: Diminished == 10 seconds | Normal == 30 seconds | Augmented = Forever until player dies or logs out of server.


(Fixed) As of 5.24.698 when the Summoned Shadow despawns, the player's skin will set to the default 'Steve' skin.

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