Summon Shadow

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Summon your own shadow to guard and protect you!


Summons a copy of yourself, but without armour. The duration is based on the casting mode. A player can have at most one summon at a time.

Upon summon, the shadow will take on the spells you have available in your hotbar or in your spellbook in your hotbar. It is suggested to custom-create the spellbook hotbar before an augmented creation for best efficiency of the shadow.

Mana Cost[edit]

Diminished: 175 Duration: 10 seconds
Normal: 700 Duration: 30 seconds
Augmented: 3500 Duration: Infinite unless killed or creator logs out of the server.


1 x Life Essence when cast augmented.

Castable by NPCs[edit]


Castable by Caster Block[edit]