Summon Lich

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Summon Lich
Spell Type Summon
Affinity Grid Ender Essence.png
Diminished 550
Normal 2200
Augmented 11000 Grid Life Essence.png
Reagent No
Caster Block No
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


Summon an ancient and powerful Lich.


Block-target spell.

Creates a Summoned Lich at the targeted location allied with the caster. Summoned creatures will not initiate fights in PvP, instead assisting the caster when not already fighting a mob, or reacting to the caster being attacked.

The summon will last for a limited duration unless the spell is Augmented, in which case the summon is permanent until the caster dies, the summon dies. The summon will persist through dimension transfers and logout/login, though it will "die" in the world when the caster logs out, to be re-spawned in upon next login.

A player can have at most one summon at a time.

Unlike other tamable pets, summons cannot be ordered to stay.