Summon Stone Golem

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Summon Stone Golem
Spell Type Summon
Affinity Grid Earth Essence.png
Diminished 125
Normal 500
Augmented 2500 Grid Earth Essence.png
Reagent No
Caster Block No
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


Animate stone to guard you.


Block-target spell.

Creates an Summoned Earth Elemental at the targeted location allied with the caster. Summoned creatures will not initiate fights in PvP, instead assisting the caster when not already fighting a mob, or reacting to the caster being attacked.

The summon will last for a limited duration unless the spell is Augmented, in which case the summon is permanent until the caster dies, the summon dies. The summon will persist through dimension transfers and logout/login, though it will "die" in the world when the caster logs out, to be re-spawned in upon next login.

A player can have at most one summon at a time.

Unlike other tamable pets, summons cannot be ordered to stay.