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Crafting Recipe[edit]


Spell recipes can be crafted if you have the spell in the spell known section of the inscription table. Then if paper, feathers, and ink sacs are placed in the top right slots, and the spell to be made into a spell recipe scroll is clicked, a spell recipe scroll can be taken out. This is extremely helpful for those wishing to give their friends a spell that they don't know but you do, or for storing a spell so that you may learn it again in case the inscription table does not save your spells for a strange reason.

Crafting Spell Recipe Scrolls.png


Spell Recipes are found in Mage Towers and Mage Archives throughout the world when playing Ars Magica.

The recipe for the spell will be displayed when you right click the scroll and look in your inscription table. If you are recording your adventures playing Ars Magica you are asked to use recording mode which will scramble the recipe so that others can not see it. Recording mode can be activated by pressing the comma (,) key.

To help organize inventories and chests, they can be stored in a Spell Book.

Max Stack Size[edit]



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