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Images of the nine possible runestones in Ars Magica

Ars Magica uses runes to create its spells, combining them with Spell Parchment using an Inscription Table. Runes are also used in the construction of various items, like Armors, as well as configuring Keystones and Gateways.

The blank rune is created with cobblestone; each colored rune is created by combining a blank rune with a specific dye. Currently, the following runes are implemented:

The nine runes:
Rune Vestis

Rune Vestis (blank)

Rune Kula

Rune Kula (red)

Rune Lanu

Rune Lanu (blue)

Rune Crocus

Rune Crocus (yellow)

Rune Oraiste

Rune Oraiste (orange)

Rune Corcra

Rune Corcra (purple)

Rune Viridus

Rune Viridus (green)

Rune Atrum

Rune Atrum (white)

Rune Niveus

Rune Niveus (black)