Meteor Jump

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Meteor Jump
Spell Type Offensive Utility
Affinity Grid Fire Essence.png

Grid Air Essence.png

Diminished 20
Normal 80
Augmented 400
Reagent No
Caster Block No
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


Launch yourself into the air and slam down with explosive force!


Applies an upward velocity to the player based on Casting Mode.

Diminished adds 1 to y velocity.

Normal adds 1.4 to y velocity.

Augmented adds 3 to y velocity.

Player's forward velocity is also multiplied, but is capped at 0.45 on each axis.

The initial upward velocity actually has little to do with the overall damage and crater size. In fact, it is completely based on how far the player falls while the spell is active. The maximum amount of damage is 25, and the maximum crater radius is 5 blocks.

The player's fall speed will quickly increase once they start to fall, and they will impact with an explosion that will create the crater based on the distance fallen.

The player cannot take fall damage while under the effects of meteor jump.

Entering water in any form (flowing, still, rain) will remove the entire meteor jump effect, even if still moving upward, making the player once again vulnerable to fall damage, and they will not deal damage or make a crater upon landing.