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Mana Battery

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The Mana Battery is used to store and move power from the Nexus. You must first place the Mana Battery next to a Nexus and apply redstone power from a lever, button, or pressure plate to the Mana Battery for the power transfer. After you have charged your Mana Battery you can break the Mana Battery and move it to your desired location. From there once the battery is placed down you can charge any block that would use power from a Nexus.

Mana Battery
First Appear Version 1
Type of Block Interactive
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used to Break Pickaxe
Data Values Hex: *Need Info*
Obeys Law of Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No

Crafting Recipe[edit]

Crafting a Mana Battery requires the following

Place the components in the following configuration:


The Mana Battery can be placed near a Nexus and will draw Raw Essence when powered by redstone that can be stored for later use. If the Mana Battery block is removed, it will remember its charge level for when it is next placed, making it a portable source of Raw Essence for blocks that require it. They have a maximum charge of 250,000 and if thrown into a nexus, the contained charge will be taken into account. A fully charged Mana Battery is enough to completely charge a Gateway allowing for the maximum travel distance on one charge.

It is recommended to only charge Mana Batteries when they are directly connected to a Nexus, as they draw 1000 essence per second. This will destroy an Essence Conduit without any Crystal Pillars within a few seconds.


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