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A players Magic Level is the blue number above the mana orb in the UI.

Increasing your Magic Level[edit]

Initially, the player starts with 0 magic level, and magic is "locked", meaning the mana orb and magic level indicators will not display on the UI. To unlock magic, players must craft an Arcane Empowerment Table and use it to increase their magic level to 1, thereby unlocking magic and causing the full magic UI to display.

This level can be increased further by using an Arcane Empowerment Table. The player must have their experience level be the same number as their current Magic Level in order to level up. The highest magic level attainable is 50.

On a server or in a world that has cheats enable the command /setmagiclevel (player) (number) can be used to set a players Magic Level to the desired level.

Death Penalties[edit]

Upon death a players Magic Level will be subtracted by a number in the config file. By default this number is 5, although it can be lowered to a minimum of 1.


  • Originally upon death the players Magic Level was reset to 1 regardless of what level they were when they died.
  • To find how many total XP levels it will take to get to get to a certain Magic level from level 0 use the equation m(m+1)/2 were m is the desired Magic level, for example to get to Magic level 50 you use the equation 50(50+1)/2=1275 so it cost 1275 XP levels to max out your magic level.