Magic Fabricator

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Magic Fabricator
First Appear *Need Info*
Type of Block Interactive
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used to Break Axe
Data Values Hex: *Need Info*
*Need Info*
Obeys Law of Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No

Crafting Recipe[edit]

Crafting the magic fabricator requires the following
  • 4 - Stone Bricks
  • 2 - Rune Lanu
  • 2 - Arcane Ash
  • 1 - Ender Essence

Place the components in the following configuration:

Rune Lanu

Stone Brick

Arcane Ash

Stone Brick

Ender Essence

Stone Brick

Rune Lanu

Stone Brick

Arcane Ash

Magic Fabricator


The magic fabricator makes use of the Raw Essence system to create items out of its contained essence.


The magic fabricator can be used like a normal crafting table, but when closed, the items remain in the inventory, unlike a crafting table. In the GUI, the essence cost for the crafted item will be displayed. If the amount is red, there is not enough charge in the table. If the amount is green, then there is enough charge present.

Cost of the item is +50% the cost of what you would get if you were to throw the item into a Essence Nexus.

Using the magic fabricator to make items is a great way to save on your resources and recycle stacks of cobblestone,dirt and gravel(if using a Essence Nexus)into more useful items, but bear in mind anything made with more than one diamond will exceed the 15,000 essence cap.(By default)

Applying a redstone current will cause the table to create the item, and deduct the essence cost from its reserves.

If a chest is nearby, the resulting crafted item will be put into a nearby chest. Otherwise, it will spawn out of the fabricator with a random direction.

In order to craft another item, the redstone current must first be removed, then reapplied.

WARNING: It is also a very good idea to fill the fabricator with mana foci to lower the deficit build up, if you are to make anymore than four items in a short time frame it WILL explode, so it is essential to make sure you have the sense energy spell handy or at least only use the magic fabricator four times every few minutes. You can see if it is close to breaking point at 400 Deficit the magic fabricator will begin to smoke. Or, you can also place a crystal pillar next to it to be able to use it without mana focuses, and without defecit.

Essence Cap[edit]


Foci Accepted[edit]

Charge Focus - increases the rate that this block receives essence. Multiplicative stacking. Mana Focus - increases the rate that this block sheds deficit.


Essence Conduit, Calefactor, Fabricator and Caster by Huntanor


  • If left powered by redstone and chunk is unloaded (by going too far, for example) upon reloading the chunk, the magic fabricator will fail to create the recipe by redstone toggling until you open up the interface for the fabricator and close it again.


Version Changes
Beta_2.92 GUI has been fixed
  • Fabricator properly puts items in nearby chests
  • No longer needs to be opened in between crafts
  • Essence cost ratio increased from 1:1 to 1:1.5 (+50%)
  • Essence cap decreased from 25000 to 15000
5.25.022 (Closed Beta) Magic fabricators now merge items into chests taking into account metadata
5.36.016 Now sync their inventories to clients on creation.