Mage Light

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Mage Light
Spell Type Projectile/Block
Affinity Grid Arcane Essence.png
Diminished 10
Normal 40
Augmented 200
Reagent No
Caster Block No
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


A magical torch.


Projectile or Block Target spell.

If a block is directly targeted, will place a Mage Light (block) at the targeted location. If no block is targeted, will spawn a projectile that will create a Mage Light (block) at the point it impacts a block.

Brightness is determined by the Casting Mode of the caster.

Diminished has a brightness of 0.6(Light Level 9). Normal has a brightness of 0.85 (Light Level 12). Augmented has a brightness of 1.0 (Light Level 15).

Note: Mobs can spawn in a light level of 7 or less. This means mobs can spawn 2 blocks away from a diminished magelight. For reference, torches have a light level of 14 and glowstone has a light level of 15.

Mage Light Light Lvls.png

From left to right: Augmented, Normal, Diminished