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The lore contest is closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas!


the creating of custom spells


the war between light/dark mages
light nexus/dark nexus


 portals and keystones


life/mana draining magic


 gaining magic levels, obtaining different spells, most world gen, keystones/portals, the added mobs, and probably several other things that happen to just fall perfectaly into the story. 


I'm going to try for the contest. I'm writing about how one, young mage studies how essence affects the natural world, and his discoveries. 


 creation of the nexi


 vinteum and vinteum dust


 discovering/creation of the armour/robes


 life essence and summoning spells


  liches, hecates, and other undeads


 Towers, homes, and tree houses


 Augmented casting and the Arch-mage battle


 The story of the Arch-Mage, the towers, and The Divergence.


 How many essence using devices were discovered and made.(Caster, Calefactor, ect)


 I'm going to write about the first mage---the beginning of all magic.


 The Dryad and the Lich


 Researching Spells, Combining, and a dramatic story of action. ;) Lot's o Spells. Also includes some of the towers and world gen.


 I'm going to be writing about the summonable mobs like Lich, Dryad and Sir Clucksalot.


 Story of a mage and his journey, with most aspects of AM included, focusing on Augmented Casting, The Arch-Mage, and Spell Creation/Combination near the end.


A normal day as a young apprentice


I'll be attempting to cover the story behind the mage who discovered bound tools/weapons. It also reveals that the distant past's mages
did not have many of the restrictions or processes today's mages have (gaining affinities through tomes, using scrolls for basic magic, and some more).


I will be going more into my version (and probably other's) of the 3 Magic Groups. The first group being, air, earth, fire, and water. The Second group: lightning, ice, plant, magma, And finally the last group: arcane, ender, and life. I will be mostly explaining their origins, and a bit how they work.


I will be writing about the essence system how the blocks work and go into deficit some


I will be focusing on the discovery of ender magic by an archmage as well as the war between light/dark mages


The journey of a mage who has finally mastered the basics of magic but still has alot to learn. In his quest for knowledge, he uses many of the AM devices and writes about them, he pioneers new spells that will help him in battle, and experiences events that link up to his first day as an independent mage.


My story is about a mage who makes the mana battery and dicovers the enchantments that lets you bind spells to armor and weapons

Yucriox My story will contain a lot of things that may help the community to get started and the later game. It will also be an enjoyable interesting (hopefully) history!


my story will be bout the discovery of arcane magic and how the idea was thought up, and how it was created


My story is going to be made around construction of Steve, and the Archmages involvement in such action


This story revolves around very recent events. The race of the Steve's have unlocked the secrets of industrial technology, and heavy foresting. They are carelessly plowing through natural areas for their own personal gain. The race of the Testificates are angry, but seem weak, and soon to join the Steve's recklessness. This story focuses on one lone family of Steve's, who are descended from the some of the greatest Natural Mages of all time. They want to stop the total mass industrialization of Minecraftia, and delve into some of the deepest secrets of Magic, Knowledge, and the Lords of the Worlds themselves.


My story will explain the origins of the Dark/Light Nexus and the beginings of what I will call the War of Wizards


the research notes of an eccentric but reasonable mage who invented and tested the different foci Also, he wants to be immortal.