Lightning Storm

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Lightning Storm
Spell Type Channeled
Affinity Grid Lightning Essence.png
Diminished 160/s
Normal 160/s
Augmented 160/s
Reagent No
Caster Block Yes
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


Call forth a primal storm to decimate your foes.


Channeled spell. Multi stage.

The first stage will increase the world's rain strength. If it is already raining, then this stage is ignored. Once the rain strength reaches 1.0 or higher, stage 2 is entered.

The second stage causes several lightning bolts per second to strike the ground within 50 blocks in all directions of the caster. Standard lightning bolt effects are applied. The storm will not target entities marked as Creatures on purpose, however, the random coordinates generated could still cause one to be struck. There is also the same chance that the random coordinates will cause the player to be struck by lightning.

The spell has a target preference of nearby mobs (if applicable) before generating random coordinates.

Creepers struck by this spell will gain "super-creeper" status. Pigs struck by this spell will turn into zombie pigmen.