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The Light Nexus is a Nexus that passively generates Light Essence from the environment.

Crafting Recipe[edit]


To construct a Light Nexus you will need:

  • 8 Quartz blocks (Snow in 1.4.7 and earlier)
  • 4 Top Blocks (Glass, Gold Blocks OR Diamond Blocks See: Charging Enhancements) (Only glass works in 1.4.7 and earlier)
  • White Chalk


At each corner of the 5x5 area, construct a pillar of 2 Quartz Blocks and top it with the block of your choosing(Again: Glass, Gold or Diamond). Each pillar should be no more and no less than 3 blocks away from any other pillar.

At the center point of the area, use the White Chalk on the ground and the nexus circle will be formed. If the pillars are aligned with the chalk correctly, the circle will light up, begin rotating and will begin generating Raw Essence.

Chalk can be placed prior to the pillars being constructed. Some may find this more useful in order to visualize where the pillars go.


A Light Nexus generates essence at a rate of 0.75 essence per update[1] without any external input required.

Generated essence will be transferred to any available essence-powered device within 10 blocks of the chalk point. Line of sight is not required for a nexus to charge a block. If a block is within the boundries of multiple nexus, the block will choose a nexus to align with. This can be changed with a Crystal Wrench.

Charging Enhancements[edit]

Essence generation can be augmented by replacing the Glass blocks with Gold or Diamond blocks.[2]

Glass (Basic) 5 essence / sec

Gold blocks will increase base charging speed by 300%(Approximately 3 essence per update) 15 essence / sec

Diamond blocks will increase base charging speed by 1000%(Approximately 10 essence per update) 50 essence / sec

Blocks can be mixed but will provide no benefit to charging. 3 Diamond blocks and a Glass block will charge as if all top blocks were Glass.


See Also: Light Essence

Some blocks powered by a Light Nexus will have their functionality altered. Regardless of device, objects powered by Light Essence will cause Deficit to decrease 25% faster than normal if applicable.[3]

Additionally, when using Sense Energy on a device storing Light Essence, the essence total is colored light blue.[4]

Mana Batteries convert all forms of essence into Neutral Essence

Essence Cap[edit]



A Nexus can only be destroyed by right clicking on the block the chalk was initially placed. Be advised, this does not refund the chalk.

Destroying the pillars however, merely pauses the nexus. Any essence generated is still stored but the nexus will no longer generate any more nor will it power any linked blocks.

Reconstructing the pillars will allow the nexus to resume operation.


LightNexus.png GoldLightNexus.png


Nexus Building and Mechanics by Huntanor


  1. Output when continuously casting Sense Energy by holding down right click
  2. Introduced in v5.52.002; prior versions can only use Glass.
  3. Functionality added in v5.52.002. Prior versions merely generate base essence.
  4. Prior to v5.52.002, was merely white text.