Keystone Receptacle

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Keystone Receptacle
Keystone Recepticle.png
First Appear Version 5.24.698
Type of Block Interactive
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used to Break Pickaxe
Data Values Hex: *Need Info*
Obeys Law of Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No

Crafting Recipe[edit]

Crafting the Keystone Recepticle requires the following:

Place the components in the following configuration

Stone Bricks

Eye of Ender

Stone Bricks

Vinteum Dust

Ender Essence

Vinteum Dust

Stone Bricks

Eye of Ender

Stone Bricks

Keystone Recepticle


The Keystone receptacle is the main block in the construction of a Gateway. It is the one that accepts a Keystone that holds the Gateway's rune address.


In 5.50.010, open the GUI with shift+rclick while holding nothing; essentially walking right click punch. (Note: Holding a keystone will prevent the GUI from opening.)



The Keystone Receptacle uses the same formula as the spell Recall to determine essence cost over teleport distance. If insufficient essence is in the gateway to take you all the way to your destination, you will be deposited somewhere in the middle, as far as the essence can take you.

A keystone receptacle does not have to have a keystone in it. When it does not, it is referred to as on the "Open" gateway network. Anyone may arrive at an open gateway. When a keystone is added to the receptacle, only players who activate the gateway system using the matching keystone will be allowed to arrive. In this manner, many separate gateway networks can be established.

To activate a Keystone Receptacle, simply right click it. If it is built into the proper structure, the gateway will activate and the portal will open. Step through, and arrive at your destination. By default, it will activate on the Open network. To activate it on a specific network, activate it with that network's matching keystone equipped as your active item.

Essence Cap[edit]


This works out to a maximum travel distance of 11,952 blocks.