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Spell Type Utility
Affinity Grid Air Essence.png
Diminished 5
Normal 20
Augmented 190
Reagent No
Caster Block Yes
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


Up, up, and away! (with gravity later)


Applies upward velocity to the caster based on the current Casting Mode.

Diminished adds 0.7 (roughly 2 blocks jump height), Normal adds 1 (roughly 8 blocks jump height), and Augmented adds 2 (roughly 32 blocks jump height).

Also applies a multiplier to the current forward velocity of the player for jumping forwards.

This spell cannot be cast if the caster is not currently on the ground. When cast, it applies fall protection to the player equal to the rough amounts of height applied below. This means that jumping along a flat surface will not cause you damage, as long as you don't fall farther than the height you originally jumped.

This spell is usable while in a Minecart to make the cart jump with you in it.