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Inscription Table
Inscription Table.png
First Appear *Need Info*
Type of Block Interactive
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used to Break None
Data Values Hex: *Need Info*
*Need Info*
Obeys Law of Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No

Crafting Recipe[edit]

Place the components in the following configuration:


Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Spell Parchment

Wooden Plank


Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

The GUI consists of a section for the known spells in the top left. Known spells will not show up until the player has obtained a magic level of 1. After obtaining magic level 1, a few default known spells will show up. Placing spell parchment in the bottom left most slot and clicking on a known recipe will show what runes are required to make the spell. A ghost image of the runes will show up in middle row of slots. When there is spell parchment in the inscription table and a correct combination of runes placed in the middle slots, the player is able to pull out a spell scroll and is able to use it if they meet the mana requirements. The last three slots, in the top right, are used to create a spell recipe scroll which can be used by another player, by right clicking, to learn that spell's recipe. To create a spell recipe scroll the player must put paper, ink sacs, and feathers in the slots and then click on a known recipe that the player wants to give away.

Inscription Table GUI.png


The inscription table is used to create spells from runes and Spell Parchment.


By combining runes in the correct order along the top row, and a spell parchment in the bottom left slot, a spell can be obtained from the output slot in the bottom right.