Imbue (Enchantment)

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Imbue is an enchantment added in version 5.45.004. It allows a spell to be permanently enchanted on to a piece of armor, a sword, or a bow. This is a very early and OP (though fun) version of this feature and will change in subsequent updates.


Upon getting the enchantment from the enchanting table, you will find that the item shows as "Not Set". In order to set the spell, you will need to combine the item itself with the spell scroll you would like to imbue using a Magic Fabricator.

Custom spells do work with the Imbue enchantment.

Each time the enchantment procs, the item enchanted will take additional durability damage (configurable) due to the magical forces running through it. The exception to this is armor enchanted with buff effects.

Proc Rules

Different items will proc the spell under different conditions.


  • If the spell is a buff effect, the buff is treated as "Always Active". Currently this only applies to buffs added by Ars Magica. Vanilla buffs are not permanently applied yet.
  • Each piece of armor will also proc under various conditions.


  • Procs when you crouch
  • If the spell is channeled, it will cast continuously*

Chest Armor

  • Procs when you take damage
  • If the spell is offensive, the enemy that damaged you is affected by the spell (where applicable)
  • If the spell is defensive, you will be affected by the spell


  • Procs when you sprint
  • This is really only useful for channeled effects


  • Procs when you fall


  • Proc when you hit them with an arrow
    • Formerly allowed melee, but that was removed in 5.52.002


  • Proc when you strike an enemy
  • If the imbued effect is channeled, it will proc as long as you are blocking instead of upon striking an enemy


Has a high chance to break a world by crashing it every time you enter.