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Hecate Trans.png
Health Points HeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.png
Defense Points Need To Know
Attack Strength Physical
Drops Small chance of 1 Ender Essence
Spawn Anywhere dark or at Night-Time and in the Nether.
Can also be spawned by Hood of Debugging.
Mana 125
Magic Level 2
Magic Resistance None
Spawn Weight 8
Experience Points 1.79

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Hecates are ghostly creatures that spawn in dark places or at night. They can also be spawned by the Hood of Debugging. They are the risen spirits of villagers. They are undead and burn in the sun.

General Information[edit]

Hecate are spectral assassins who thrive in the shadows. They are a type of flying mob. The Hecate emits smoke-like particles from it's waist into the ground. When they aren't moving, they float in the air with their back straight. When they are moving, they fly in superman-style. This means arms forward and legs back. In this case, smoke from the back. On the right you can see how they fly.

A Hecate flying

"...It's like a steamroller on steroids." -sgmjscorp


Hecate will fly around their immediate area until spotting a player, a villager, or an Iron Golem.

Upon seeing the enemy, Hecate will fly at very high speeds and attack, doing significant damage.

Hecate will also attempt to break down doors. When killed they have a small chance to drop Ender Essence.

When attacking or being attacked, the Hecate will become invisible.


  • There is currently a bug going around for single/server side where the Hecate's will over spawn and not react or do much anything. Some known ways as a work around as in using open blocks, but none to permanently fix unless fixed through an update.


  • In greek mythology, Hecate is a three-headed goddess of Witchcraft and Magic.
  • If a Hecate is under a tree at day-time, he will only attack when you get under the same tree as him
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