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Getting Started

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Welcome to Ars Magica!

You have awoken in a land filled with strange, disused structures. What should you do? It can be hard to know where to start in Ars Magica, and this is an attempt at a basic guide for a new person.


Two light mages fight two dark mages near a river. Someday, you will bend the elements similarly, my little mage.

The first, and probably most fun thing, about Ars Magica is the large numbers of spells there are to play with. From growing plants, to teleporting, to various attack magics, there is a lot a person can do. Before a person can begin firing off magic missiles, a proto-mage must first become a mage. The way to do this is simple, and requires an Arcane Empowerment Table. Find two iron ingots, some wood planks, wool, and make three Runes Vestis from some cobblestone. Then place them into a crafting table like so:

Rune Vestis

Iron (Ingot)

Wooden Plank

Rune Vestis

White Wool

Wooden Plank

Rune Vestis

Iron (Ingot)

Wooden Plank

Arcane Empowerment Table

Once created, you may assign one of your Minecraft levels to a Mage level and you will be able to cast spells from scrolls. The first Mage level is free.

Later, you'll probably want to go mine and/or kill some mobs in order to level up. Anytime your minecraft level is equal to your mage level, you may spend your minecraft levels to gain a mage level by killing mobs. With every mage level, you have more mana and your mana regeneration rate increases.

Also, you're going to need an Inscription Table

Crafting Recipe[edit]

Place the components in the following configuration to get inscription table:

Acquiring Spells[edit]

A typical spell scroll. You'll be less excited to find it when you realize it's your fifth copy of Fire Bolt.

Spells are cast from scrolls. In order to create spell scrolls, you will need an Inscription Table, a Spell Parchment and some Runes. By putting runes in the middle slots and a parchment in the bottom right slot, you may create spell scrolls. You can find Spell Recipes in the world in houses that ramdomly spawn in the world and dungeons etc. They can be found in Mage Archives and Mage Towers, and they drop sometimes from killing mobs. They can also be acquired by trading with a NPC Villager Mage.

If you have a lot of spells in your inventory and you are having trouble managing your inventory space, it might be a good idea to make a Spell Book.

Regaining Mana[edit]

Your mana will regenerate overtime. Higher level characters will regain mana faster than lower level characters. There are three ways to regain mana faster than normal.

  1. By consuming a Mana Potion. A Greater Mana Potion (the easiest to make) will restore 500 mana points, and is created in a brewing stand by adding Vinteum Dust to an Awkward Potion.
  2. You can also gain a bonus to mana regeneration by standing near a Nexus that is more than 10% full.
  3. By eating a Mana Cake (which also restores a bit of hunger!)

Essences and Affinities[edit]

Throughout your travels you will find several relics left behind by powerful magi. Some are Essences, which serve as powerful conduits for your magic, and are required as reagents for certain powerful spells. Others are Affinity Tomes, which once read will teach you how to bind to one specific aspect of magic and become much more powerful when casting spells under the same affinity. There is a price though, as all affinities do have an opposite...

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