Fire Shield

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Fire Shield
Spell Type Shield
Affinity Grid Fire Essence.png
Diminished Special
Normal Special
Augmented Special
Diminished 1 (HeartHalf.png)
Normal 1 (HeartHalf.png)
Augmented 1 (HeartHalf.png)
Reagent No
Caster Block No
Data Values Hex: 4 Dec: 22805


Summon fire from nearby flame sources to guard you.


Applies Fire Shield (buff) to the caster based on a combination of how many fire sources are nearby, and how long the caster channels. Needs a nearby flame source - valid flame sources include torches, fire, active furnaces, and lava.

Nearby is defined by a cube with the radius of 4 blocks.

Can be extended by channeling the spell with nearby valid sources while the buff is still active.

Adds 2 seconds to the buff per second channeled per valid nearby source, up to a maximum of 45 second duration.

Costs 40 mana * number of nearby valid blocks per second channeled regardless of Casting Mode.

Deals 1 (HeartHalf.png) damage to enemies in melee range every second while active.