Fire Burst

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Fire Burst
Spell Type Area of Effect
Affinity Grid Fire Essence.png
Diminished 35
Normal 140
Augmented 700 Grid Magma Essence.png
Reagent No
Caster Block No
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


Emit a blast of fire in all directions.


This spell cannot be used while the player is flying or otherwise airborne.

In diminished casting, will create fire at the casters location and one block from the four cardinal locations around the caster. Similar to a small plus sign.

In normal casting, will create fire in a small circle, going out 2 blocks from the casters location in a circular fashion.

In augmented casting, will create fire in a larger circle, going out 5 blocks from the casters location.

Technical Effect[edit]

Blocks within the radius of <math>2+Casting Mode^2</math> are set on fire. Casting mode values is 0 for dimished, 1 for normal and 2 for augmented.