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Essence Conduit
Essence Conduit.png
First Appear Version 1
Type of Block Interactive
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used to Break Axe
Obeys Law of Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No


The Essence Conduit is used to transfer raw essence longer distances. They will build Deficit based on how much essence travels through them--they will shed .5 Deficit per tick (10 deficit per second). An Essence Conduit that has a redstone current applied to it will not transfer essence, but will still shed deficit.

Crafting Recipe[edit]

Crafting an Essence Conduit requires the following

Place the components in the following configuration:


Vinteum Dust




Essence Conduit


An Essence Conduit will go through a color transformation as it increases in deficit. A teal conduit has little or no deficit, while a red conduit has much deficit. An essence conduit that is smoking will soon explode.

Simply place the conduit in range of an Essence Nexus and it will act like a pipe or wire of sorts. The conduit crystal cube will be teal when placed if it is in range of an Essence Nexus. You can then transfer Essence into another conduit or other Blocks. You can continue the chain as long as you want. This way, it is possible to have many machines around a house running all on one Essence Nexus.

WARNING: Conduits will explode if they gain 1000 Deficit. Deficit gain increases more rapidly as more Blocks are connected to a single Essence Conduit and as more Charge Foci are placed in receiving Blocks. Placing Mana Foci in the Essence Conduit will also increase the deficit gain. You can check the amount of deficit in a conduit using the Sense Energy Spell.

You can lower the deficit gain by putting Charge Foci into the conduit and/or placing a Crystal Pillar next to it.

Possible Bugs[edit]

In the version for 1.5.2, conduits must be placed before the Blocks they are intended to power.


Essence Conduit, Calefactor, Fabricator and Caster by Huntanor

YouTube Series[edit]

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