Ender Intervention

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Ender Intervention
Spell Type Utility
Affinity Grid Ender Essence.png
Diminished 320 Grid Ender Essence.png
Normal 320 Grid Ender Essence.png
Augmented 320 Grid Ender Essence.png
Reagent Ender
Caster Block No
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


Enter the nether.


Transports the player to their corresponding location in the nether without the need for a portal. The location is calculated based on the movement scale between the dimensions (currently 1/8).

To prevent the player from getting stuck in a block, an air bubble is created around the caster. Due to the prevalence of large lava lakes in the nether, a platform of netherrack is created at the bottom of the air pocket to ensure the player does not fall in lava. This does not protect from lava falls coming from above, however.

Has no effect in the end, or if the player is already in the nether.