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Health Points HeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.pngHeartFull.png
Defense Points ArmorHalf.png
Attack Strength None
Drops Small chance of 1 Life Essence
Spawn Beach
Forest Hills
Mana 750
Magic Level 5
Magic Resistance None
Spawn Weight 10
Experience Points ?

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Dryads are land mobs that are similar to the character in skin. They are peaceful creatures and will not attack. They have green hair and white skin, and wear leaves for Clothes. Dryads have a chance of spawning in their respective Biomes, but they are not high.

General Information[edit]

Dryads are peaceful nymphs of the forest that appear throughout the Minecraft world in just about every Biome. They have a small chance to drop a Life Essence


A dryad will behave much like a cow or a pig, in that they panic when attacked, and more or less just wander around their immediate area. Every so often, a Dryad will wander over to a nearby plant and cause it to grow. New plants are scanned only when there are no known nearby plants to grow. Dryads can be lured to follow the player using a sapling of any type.


  • (Fixed) If a Dryad is summoned by clicking rapidly, it will leave behind an entity that cannot be killed. It will not move. The real Dryad will still wander around and can be killed. The fake Dryad will stay frozen in place where it has been summoned, and has Gravity effect's like the real Dryad. Removing blocks underneath will cause the Dryad to fall.
  • A Dryad trying to jump up a ledge will often simply jump in place repeatedly without successfully landing on the intended block. This is due to the model for the Dryad being smaller than that of a villager and thus their feet don't actually meet with the ledge even though their body is considered in part of the adjacent block. A workaround is to lure the Dryad quickly to a corner rather than up a straight ledge.


  • A Summoned Dryad does in fact have normal drop tables.
  • A Summon Dryad spell was originally craftable, but since they now spawn naturally Mithion made the spell attainable only via creative mode.
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