Divine Intervention

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Divine Intervention
Spell Type Utility
Affinity Grid Ender Essence.png
Diminished 320 Grid Ender Essence.png
Normal 320 Grid Ender Essence.png
Augmented 320 Grid Ender Essence.png
Reagent Ender
Caster Block No
Data Values Hex: ? Dec: ?


Leave the nether, or return to your bed.


Transports the caster to their corresponding location in the overworld, based on the distance scale (currently 1/8). To prevent the player getting stuck in a wall, a pocket of air is created by the spell around the teleport point. However, there is still the danger of spawning in a pool of lava, or high in the air. Use with caution.

If the caster is already in the overworld, they will be returned to their bed or to spawn, if no bed exists that has been slept in by the caster.

Has no effect in the end.

In all casting modes, the reagent is required.