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Health Points 7
Defense Points Unknown
Attack Strength HeartHalf.png
Drops Unknown
Spawn Nether in dark areas, rarely near Dark Nexuses in overworld.
Mana None
Magic Level None
Magic Resistance Unknown
Spawn Weight Unknown
Experience Points Unknown

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Darklings are small, weak, hostile, hard-to-see creatures that spawn naturally in the dark areas of the nether.

General Information[edit]

Darklings are fairly weak individually, but can spawn in packs of 5-8, and possess a natural camouflage ability, as well as a colour scheme which can make them difficult to spot in the nether. The strength of the Darklings' camouflage is dependent on the time of day in the overworld, being inactive during daylight, and getting stronger throughout the night until rendering them nearly invisible at midnight. As with all other instances of invisibility, this can be countered with the True Sight spell.

While they deal very little damage, Darkling attacks have a considerable amount of knockback, so fighting them near lava or high ledges can be extremely dangerous.


Darklings will attack the player on sight. They possess no real special abilities or tactics, but due to their camouflage an attack from a Darkling will often come as a complete surprise to the player.

Darklings can occasionally spawn near an active Dark Nexus in the overworld, and are immune to it's effects. As such precautions should be taken when building a Dark Nexus.

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