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A dark nexus attacking a zombie pigman

The Dark Nexus is a Nexus that converts entities that wander within its boundry into Dark Essence.



To construct an Essence Nexus you will need:

  • Red Chalk
  • 8 Nether Bricks(Not smooth stone)
  • 4 Obsidian or any of the other's led
  • A 5x5x3 wide area.


At each corner of the 5x5 area, construct a pillar of 2 Nether Bricks and top it with an Obsidian block. Each pillar should be no more and no less than 3 blocks away from any other pillar.

At the center point of the area, use the Red Chalk on the ground and the nexus circle will be formed. If the pillars are aligned with the chalk correctly, the circle will light up, begin rotating and will be ready to generate Dark Essence.

Chalk can be placed prior to the pillars being constructed. Some may find this more useful in order to visualize where the pillars go.


Mobs are automatically pulled into the Dark Nexus when they enter the range. They are pulled into the air and attacked by vengeful spirits until death, at which point their essence is pulled into the dark nexus as fuel. The nexus needs clear space above it to function correctly, to a height of one block around the surrounding pillars. A player damaging a mob being affected by the nexus will not cause the mob to drop experience when it dies. It will however, still drop items.

The Dark Nexus generates more Dark Essence the longer a mob pulled into it has been alive, as well as how much its maximum health is. The amount of power from a single mob caps at 5000.

The Dark Nexus does not affect players, Withers, the End Dragon, the Tower Guardians, any Summoned Creature, or Darklings.

Provides power to all requesting blocks within a radius of 10 blocks in all directions. Does not require line of sight.


See Also: Dark Essence

Some blocks powered by a Dark Nexus will have their functionality altered. Regardless of device, objects powered by Dark Essence will cause deficit to decrease 25% slower than normal, if applicable.[1]

Additionally, when using Sense Energy on a device storing Dark Essence, the essence total is colored red. [2]

Mana Batteries convert all forms of essence into Neutral Essence

Essence Cap[edit]




{The pillars and rune are all that's required, the raised dais is simply for show in the picture}

Note: Ghasts hitbox makes it impossible for them to be pulled into the dark nexus. Bats and Blazes can be pulled in, but they can resist the pull and occasionally fly away.


Nexus Building and Mechanics by Huntanor


If a player has the Clay Soldiers Mod installed alongside Ars Magica, they can use any type of soldier or mount to produce Essence in the Nexus, at which point the creature used will produce both 20.000 Dark Essence AND itself as a drop. by picking the creature up, the player can then place it again, get more Essence, pick it up and repeat, allowing for a limitless amount of Essence with minimal effort.

  1. Functionality added in v5.52.002. Prior versions merely generate base essence.
  2. Prior to v5.52.002, was merely white text.