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Version 5.50.010

  • Lectern won't drop book in adventure mode
  • Fixed book duplication bug with Lectern
  • Summons Target by Team
  • lower damage of electrocute
  • lower damage of jolt
  • fix cooldowns
  • increased cooldown on Invisibility to 20 seconds
  • added a 3 second cooldown to drown and jolt
  • increased the mana cost of jolt
  • increased the mana cost of drown
  • removed the reagent requirement for augmented drown
  • added an ancillary effect to drown - if the target is in water, they get an instantaneous pull downwards in addition to the damage, but there is no duration.
  • significantly increased the damage of fire rune
  • added a 20 second cooldown to fire rune
  • added a 5 second cooldown to ice rune
  • increased shockwave cooldown to 3.5 seconds
  • added a 45 second cooldown to magic shield
  • mobs are now registered using mod entity IDs. This should fix any entity ID conflicts.
  • removed entity spawn eggs temporarily
  • fix EOF exceptions
  • Beta Auras now properly display on dedicated servers
  • gateways properly chunk load now, a single chunk. More config to follow

Version 5.50.007

  • Fixed a crash with bound weapons/tools + spell creation
  • Fixed beams and extra particles showing up with certain spells
  • Updated Chrono Anchor to be able to be applied using custom spells that target other entities
  • Fixed an issue where imbue effects could not be set when a fabricator had foci in it
  • Lowered the mana cost for drown
  • Added the ability to extend the amount of procs on a rune spell by using augmented rune spells during spell creation. Each one adds +3 procs.

Version 5.50.006

  • Better beta particle sync
  • Fixed a crash with Summon Shadow in SMP
  • Summoned Shadow again properly impersonates the skin of its caster when the caster is a player
  • Expanded the number of spells the Summoned Shadow can cast
  • Made a change to how death and dimension travel are handled - you should no longer lose magic levels when changing dimensions, or after the "end" cutscene
  • Fixed missing tower guardian texture
  • Fixed "Tower Guardian" arcane bolt showing up in spell scribing

Version 5.50.003

  • Added Zone spells to spell creation
  • ​Updated EBXL API
  • Affinity UI Rendering Fixed
  • Affinity tomes no longer crash the game when used
  • Affinity tomes are properly registered into the creative inventory
  • Restructuring of how spells are handled (for API)
  • Keystone Chest has sounds + animations
  • fixed Seer Stone not updating certain blocks properly
  • fixed infinite loop bug with arcane reconstructor and power use
  • Affinity tomes no longer merge incorrectly when shift clicked
  • Inscription Table shift click no longer duplicates spell scrolls
  • inscription Table shift click support for runes/spell parchment (only when a spell recipe is being displayed)
  • Added RecoverKeystone command
  • Beta Particle menu allows right clicking the buttons to go backwards
  • Fixed Beam particle effects for custom spells
  • Fixed a crashing bug when using a custom spell that contained both a channeled spell and a non-channeled spell
  • Fixed missing texture on Lectern

Version Beta 5.45.011

  • Fixed an issue where beam spells could not be cast
  • Fixed an issue on logging in
  • Removed achievements for Ars Magica (let's face it, they caused too many problems anyway)
  • Fixed the arm rendering in the inventory when a spell scroll is equipped
  • Fixed some missing texture issues.

Version Beta 5.45.010

  • Update to 1.5.1
  • MCore is no longer needed and should be deleted
  • Added Magic Resist Enchantment
  • Added Imbue Enchantment (Bow, Armor, and Sword)
  • Prettified Furnace Touch
    • It feels much more magical now
  • Furnace Touch is now limited to only affect the block initially targeted
  • Spell Scroll/Spell Book rendering has been changed when equipped (can be reverted in config if you prefer the old way)
  • Added LMNOP Spell. I wouldn't cast it unless you're Xyphius.
  • Added Astral Distortion spell
  • Fixed power values of several items
    • Green Rune, Black Rune, and Lapis are some of the more predominant ones
  • Added Mana Potion Bundles
  • Sounds are now built in to the mod
  • Added several sound effects to spells. Not all spells have sound effects yet.
  • Spell research now yields an affinity tome if you have already unlocked all spells in that affinity.
  • Meteor Jump now works properly in creative mode
  • Improved Chain Lightning and its ability to target mobs. I think there is still some work to be done though.
  • Improved lich damage
  • Liches can now cast spell reflect
  • Mob disabling is working properly
  • Fixed "ever dying light mage" glitch in the Dark Nexus. Thematically evil, yes, but ultimately a bug.
  • Due to the ability to research spells, players start with much fewer spells now
    • Arcane Bolt has been removed
    • Growth has been removed
    • Mark/Recall have been removed
    • Stabilize Vortex has been removed
  • Mage villager model and texture have been changed
  • Spell Books can now be cycled through by sneaking then using the mouse wheel
  • Spell Books will only cycle through slots that actually have a spell in them. If you have no spells, it won't cycle at all.
  • Spell creation now allows channeled spells and regular spells to be combined
  • Spell Creation now has sound effects
  • Astral barriers now block endermen
  • The removal of MCore has forced me to postpone the API for one more release, as it has drastically changed how it will work

Version beta 5.37.006

  • The main config file has been moved - it is now at /config/ArsMagica/AM_Main.cfg. The format hasn't changed so you can copy the old one in and rename it.
  • This update requires an MCore update.
  • One of the biggest problems that I have had with Ars is the inability to find those last few spells. To that end I have implemented a new block to help with that. The Spell Research Table. Simply toss in 3 of the same essence (which determines the affinity of the researched spell), any lost journal fragment, a feather, and an ink sac (shift click will show you where to put them). The block will go for 3 minutes, then give you the recipe for a spell you don't already know within the specified affinity. This process currently seems "blah" to me though, and I will likely change it. In addition, the block needs essence power, 100,000 to be exact, and will not start until it has all of it.
  • Added Mana Batteries - these can be placed anywhere and will draw power from a nexus when powered by redstone. They hold up to 250,000 power, and are recognized as a nexus by other power interaction blocks, though you must recharge them using an actual nexus. They can be eaten by the nexus as well, and will charge it with their internal capacity (or if empty, the cost of the materials). They can be fabricated.
  • Added a new spell - Radiant Shield. You emit a burst of light that repels enemies, deflects spells and arrows (most of the time), and on augmented, lights the undead on fire. The particle effect doesn't disappear properly in SMP - use it sparingly there. A re-log will remove any artifact particles.
  • Ars Magica power is now configurable! When launching for the first time, Ars will attempt to calculate power values. Anything it can't find a power value or recipe for will be outputted to the power config file under /config/ArsMagica.AM_Power.cfg. It is sorted by mod internally. There's no need to set anything that is prefixed with "tile" - that shouldn't be in there, and won't have any effect.
  • Added the lectern block. This accepts written books and the Thaumonomicon and will display them. Right clicking the lectern will open the UI of the item inside. Shift + RC to retrieve your item (or break the lectern). Very useful for the TC lab!
  • For those of you who have access to beta particles, there is a new one called "radiant".
  • Mobs can be individually disabled via config
  • Spell recipes in the inscription table should display correctly now.
  • Hooked in with Forge ID/Block reassignment - this should help with many of the ID conflict issues people were having
  • Added deficit crystal - this is something for a neat project Tofski and I are working on. Shhh! I wouldn't throw it into your nexus...or would I?
  • I've postponed the API until the next update - it's not ready, but I figured I would give you the rest for now

Version beta 5.36.045

  • ground runes now work after saving and loading the game
  • ground runes now properly record their caster
    • mobs will now know it was you who placed the rune and attack you accordingly
  • breaking a pure vinteum crystal no longer crashes the game
  • Flight code should no longer conflict with other things that add the ability to fly
  • Fixed Sow the Seeds descriptive text
  • Mana potions are not stackable anymore (as was intended)
  • Spells are now listed alphabetically in the inscription table
  • Fixed "Generated Item Not Found" bug on recipe scrolls.
  • Light and Dark Magi now hold the proper items
  • Added Jolt spell
  • Attempting to place the "Lost Journal Fragment" into an archive bookshelf (which is the base item and shouldn't ever go in them) no longer causes the game to crash
  • Spells in spell staves can be switched out at any time, though the charge in the staff will remain the same, and will eventually run out.
  • Spell staves can now be colored using dyes
  • Spell staves look different based on their tier
  • Spell Staves can no longer be combined with bound tools/weapons
  • Fixed mouseover crash on certain spell staves
  • Fixed NullPointerException on casting certain custom spells on augmented
  • Added new spell Gravity Well

Version Beta 5.36.040

  • Players can no longer craft Master Spell Staves and Greater Foci unless they have unlocked Augmented Casting.
  • Any block that accepts a keystone should no longer interact with Buildcraft pipes and the like
  • Custom Spell Scrolls can now properly be cast from casters and added to spell staves (though beam/channeled spells are funny on spell staves...they can get stuck "on" - to fix, simply unequip it)
  • re-added lesser and standard mana potions (same recipe)
  • pure essence cost has been substantially increased
  • essences recipes have been re-done
  • custom runes can no longer be stacked on top of each other
  • Archive Bookshelves now affect spell creation as intended (one per story)

Version Beta 5.36.037

  • Fixed flight bug - should always work, even after logging out and back in again.
  • Fixed occasional crash bug with stabilize vortex
  • Mage lights can now be colored any color using dyes. The dye is not consumed. White dye returns it to its normal color.
  • Fixed a couple of buffs when applied to custom spell scrolls as projectiles, they would not apply to the target properly.

Version Beta 5.36.034 (hotfix)

  • Hotfix for stabilize vortex client crashing bug

Version Beta 5.36.033

  • Agility offers block step assist
  • Fixed arcane empowerment table crash
  • Changed essence recipes
  • changed pure essence crafting process
  • Spell book textures have been redone to take less space in the sprite sheet. All dyes are applicable to dye a spell book.
  • Added magic mirrors to the worldgen spawn list

Version Beta 5.36.029 (hotfix)

  • Fix for random recipe sync - this had been fixed but it didn't have any ability to "repair" any existing corrupted entries. This functionality has been added.

Version Beta 5.36.027 (hotfix)

  • Fixed White Mage spawning during the day
  • Fixed Ender Bolt still setting off creepers when hit (if cast by a dark mage)
  • Fixed items not spawning in towers
  • Added books to the tower spawn list

Version Beta 5.36.026

  • Magic level will sync properly when changing dimensions (for real this time)
  • Spell random key now syncs when opening the Inscription Table, so the incorrect recipe bug should be fixed, as should the duplicate recipe bug.
  • Added more placeholder content for the story that can be placed in bookshelves
  • Nerfed ender bolt teleport capabilities
  • Sped up the tick rate of NPC mage AI while making a small refactor to keep processor use low (they are smarter and react more quickly)
  • NPC mage spells will no longer damage creepers, meaning they won't set them off when fighting
  • White mages will no longer fight each other
  • Completely changed NPC mage spawning. Mage power levels are now based on average player magic level within 250 blocks. What this means:
  • From average level 0-7 you will not see NPC mages at all, light or dark.
    • From level 8 through 14 you will see diminished NPC mages.
    • Starting from average level 15 you will start to see infrequent normal casting mages. This chance will increase as the average mage level of players increases (max 30% chance).
    • Starting from average level 30 you will start to see infrequent Augmented casting mage NPCs. This chance will increase as you get closer to 50 (max 40% chance). Normal casting mages continue to be more common as well. Be prepared.
  • Lore books now have an icon
  • Any UI that can accept a keystone now refuses to open unless you already have the matching keystone in your inventory

Version Beta 5.36.017 (hotfix)

  • Hotfix for logging out with armor on cooldown and being unable to log back in

Version Beta 5.36.016

  • Certain augmented effects now apply in Spell Creation
  • Created Spells' mana cost reworked
  • Lab Apparatus now plays a role in Spell Creation, though the content is still lacking
  • Bookshelves only work for spell creation if i) they have a story and ii) the story is complete in the bookshelf.
  • instability gained is lower the more apparatus you have
  • ill effect chance is lower the more apparatus you have
  • apparatus has to be within 8 blocks of the pure vinteum crystal in order to affect the creation process
  • Ill effect range has been extended; you can no longer stand on the edge of the spell vortex and avoid ill effects
  • Created Spells no longer lose their effects when shift clicking them in/out of a spell book.
  • Spell recipes should sync perfectly now
  • Stories do not have an icon yet. Please don't report it as a bug!
  • Any block that can accept a Keystone will refuse to open its GUI to a player who does not have the matching Keystone in their inventory
  • Astral Barriers, Seer Stones, and Magic Fabricators now sync their inventories to clients on creation. This means their effects should display correctly without needing to open their UI.
  • Keystone Receptacles can no longer be used to break through bedrock
  • Keystone Receptacles can be turned off by right clicking them while they are on.
  • Tower Guardian spawning has been fixed
  • Anything else I did that I forgot to mention here.
  • Mana potions have new icons. Same recipes as always.
  • The client attempts to recognize when it is no longer synchronized with the server and attempts to re-sync when that happens.

Version Beta 5.32.092

  • Spell Crafting and other things

Version Beta 5.32.272

  • Re-wrote the power system from the ground up
    • This will cause a longer initial load time, however, it will allow the game to be more stable and run faster once loaded
  • Fixed a bug where loading AM extended properties would crash
  • Fixed a bug that caused magic levels and known spells to be lost
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Factorization and Harken Scythe
  • Lowered the mana cost for Clarivoyance significantly
  • Lowered the rate at which the Light Nexus generates power
  • Fixed the issue with the Growth spell where it won't work on crops

Version Beta 5.32.268

  • no longer a Coremod (split Ars Magica and MCore into 2 files)
  • added cooldowns for certain spells
  • Re-balanced several spells
  • fixed some AI bugs that caused strange behaviour
  • 1.4.6 compatibility

Version Beta 5.25.025 (CB)

  • Fixed Essence Refiner deleting items on world load
  • Fixed Summon Shadow's server crash, for real this time.
  • Summon Shadow no longer causes you to lose your skin when it dies
  • Fixed stream overflow bug on servers

Version Beta 5.25.022 (Closed Beta)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect Seer Stone Recipe
  • Hecate Tails Disappear when invisible
  • Fixed Novice Armor Texture
  • Summoning your shadow no longer crashes a server
  • Mana creepers no longer randomly explode
  • Entities extending EntityDragonPart no longer cause the game to crash when struck by a spell projectile
  • Dying no longer causes magic to be unlocked prematurely
  • Magic fabricators now merge items into chests taking into account metadata
  • Fixed Protecting Winds server crash
  • Running out of mana while channeling a spell no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed sounds on sever mobs and spells
  • True sight now applies properly to players from a caster and no longer crashes the game upon hitting a non-player entity
  • Thorns blocks can no longer drop or be picked
  • Dig conforms properly to its limitations and cannot mine bedrock
  • Fixed a bug where casting Telekinesis on a server would crash the game
  • The Calefactor now gives XP when shift clicking smelted items out of it
  • Casting Invisibility no longer crashes the game


  • Randomized Spell recipes
  • New Inscription Table GUI
  • Light Nexus
  • New Ore - Vinteum
  • NPC Villager Mages with Trade
  • Added 2 new flowers: Blue Orchid (Plains) and Desert Nova (Desert)
  • Added vinteum dust and purified vinteum dust
  • New Inscription Table Block
  • NPC mage structure component in villages
  • Keystone Chest


  • Changed recipe for keystone receptacle
  • Changed recipe for Essence Conduit
  • Changed keystone recipe to no longer cost pure essence
  • Mana Focus now requires Vinteum Dust
  • Increased wisp/dryad spawn rate
  • Greater, Epic, and Legendary mana potions are now brewable
  • Growth should now work with mod plants
  • Gateways are now chunk loaders
  • Keystone Receptacle charge threshold is now 100%
  • Ender Bolt will no longer teleport you into a wall
  • Increased Ender Bolt Damage + mana cost
  • Decreased arcane bolt damage
  • Tower guardians cast magical shield on low health and spawn hecates every 150 seconds (one per player nearby)
  • Tower guardians get closer when attacking (not melee range though)
  • Tower guardians no longer attack hecates
  • Tower guardians can no longer be drowned or burned in lava
  • Increased tower guardian invulnerable time after hit
  • Increased Mana Elemental Miss Chance
  • Lowered Mana Elemental Range
  • Gateways are now required to be one block taller (2 additional stone brick blocks per pillar)
  • Tower Guardians now drop 7-12 random essences and 2-4 affinity tomes
  • Tower Guardian bolt no longer harms Hecates
  • Extended Night vision buff duration
  • Extended Invisibility buff duration

Version Beta 5.24.698

  • Essence value balancing for items and blocks, as well as 1.4.5 updates
  • Essence values are more compatible with the Forge OreDict
  • Magic Fabricator essence capacity has been reduced to 15000
  • Magic Fabricator fabrication costs increased by 50%
  • Growth has been updated to work on potatoes and carrots
  • Spell recipes now properly indicate Tier II spells
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash upon logging into a server with an active Ars Magica buff

Version Beta 5.24.622

  • Light Mages no longer attack creepers
  • Protecting winds now correctly has a cast time
  • The Dark Nexus now charges based on both the maximum health of the mob and how long it has been alive
  • The Dark Nexus no longer kills tower guardians
  • Lighting rendering has been re-done
  • Sense Energy Scroll no longer displays "Format Error" before the message
  • Draining Poison projectile texture has been fixed

Version Beta 5.24.618:

  • Prettified most spells; most now have a unique effect.
  • Added several new particle effects (I'm particularly proud of entangling roots)
  • Added several new projectiles (lightning bolt's projectile isn't fire anymore!)
  • Have some MUCH prettier GUIs (Thanks Maoyu and Misty3000!!)
  • Fixed/Updated shift-clicking in most GUIs (I may have missed some)
  • Achievements should no longer conflict with ThaumCraft 3
  • Inscription Tables can no longer duplicate spells
  • Dispel now properly unsummons bug swarms
  • Talons of the Winds now works as intended

Version Beta_4.62

  • Gateway System
  • Update to 1.4.5
  • Hecates can go invisible for short duration when attacking
  • Lower towergen grid size
  • Towergen Grid tracks tower coords
  • Invisibility Spell
  • Night Vision Spell
  • Bug Swarm Spell
  • Draining Poison Spell
  • Drown Spell
  • Vortex Spell
  • Ender Bolt Spell
  • Channel Essence Spell
  • Clairivoyance Spell
  • Seed Spell
  • Summon Shadow Spell
  • Entangle Spell (roots)
  • Curse of the Desert
  • Pull of the Watery Grave
  • Breath of the Open Sky
  • Talons of the Winds
  • Wall of Thorns
  • Circling Winds of Protection
  • Healers Ring
  • The Kiss of Death
  • Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand
  • Seven-League Stride
  • Conjure the Sturdy Vine
  • Piercing Shaft of Wood
  • Wizard's Autumn
  • Flash of the Scarlet Flames
  • Agility
  • Accelerate Spell
  • Spell Reflect Spell
  • Parching Wind Spell
  • New Achievements
  • Retexture Hecate, remove face
  • Fixed critical container bug
  • Seer Stone - emits redstone current when players/mobs/items (configurable) are nearby
  • Astral Barrier - prevents players from blinking into a certain radius. Exclusion List/Keystone support.
  • Dark Nexus - mobs instead of items (+ red chalk)
  • Essence Consumption Bug for spell reagents - Fixed
  • Ice Essence Recipe Bugged - Fixed
  • Null Magic Block

Version Beta_3.12

  • Re-designed network packet handling for the mod
    • should see increased speeds of network traffic by a large magnitude
  • magic shield has been fixed and now offers a flat 25% damage reduction save for out of world, drown, in wall, etc. types of damage
  • fire shield now offers fire resistance of 50%
  • water shield reduces drown damage by 50%
  • mana bar no longer covers the chat window
  • recall now displays the current mana cost for your distance and casting mode
  • opening your inventory will show your current mana
  • fixed calefactor duplication bug
  • the nexus now applies a mana regeneration buff to players who pass through it when at 10% charge or higher.
    • the buff icon is intentional.

Version Beta_3.03

  • Re-designed the wisp
  • Fixed wisp and lich pathfinding
  • Armor procs no longer crash the server
  • Improved spell caster AI to be more intelligent and more efficient (less laggy)
  • Fixed water breathing on helmets not proccing
  • metadata is preserved on items dropped from closed GUIs or destroyed blocks
  • The fabricator no longer crashes the server
  • In-game GUIs can no longer be used to duplicate items
  • Added several new particle effects and aura options as prep for upcoming spell additions

Version Beta_3.02

  • Greatly reduced the spawn rate of mages in the world and removed their ability to place runes on the ground. This should help reduce the server lag.
  • Mages should only spawn at night, as intended
  • Mages have a 10% chance to spawn with normal casting mode enabled rather than diminished
  • Mages casting modes can be determined by the color of their spell book
  • White mages have cyan books for diminished, blue for normal, and white for augmented
  • Dark mages have orange books for diminished, red for normal, and black for augmented
  • Re-balanced armor infusion mana cost on all tiers
  • Re-balanced armor infusion repair speed on all tiers
  • Re-balanced armor protection amounts. Novice armor will now protect from a creeper explosion at full health, but will likely be destroyed if point blank. This balance is for Normal - Hard will have more severe effects. Protection increases from there.
  • Re-balanced armor special powers costs - protection effects (slowfall, fire protection) will not damage armor as much
  • Lowered overall armor durabilities
  • Armor leggings will no longer protect infinitely from fire, but the cooldown is lower for fire protection than it is for lava protection. (1/10 the cooldown)
  • Fixed a bug where attacking a wisp would cause the game to crash

Version Beta_3.01

  • hotfix for log file bloating issue

Version Beta_3.00

  • Meteor jump now works properly in both creative and survival mode
  • Speed modifying effects like haste and frost slow now work properly
  • Buffs have had their icons fixed
  • Mage tower generation has been greatly improved - not perfect yet, but it's much better.
  • The arcane empowerment table now renders properly in the inventory
  • The inscription table now renders properly in the inventory
  • full item and block ID configuration via the config file
  • Beta particles! (Explained later)
  • Mana elemental and hecate FPS drop has been fixed
  • Chain lightning has been fixed
  • the few known game-crashing bugs have been fixed
  • Non-craftable spells will not show up in chest loot. For real this time.
  • Added chests to some of the towers that didn't have them
  • Spell books have been tweaked to work better in MP
  • You no longer go up a level when you die.

Version Beta_2.99

  • Spell book UI has been fixed
  • Applying dye to a spell book no longer causes it to lose contents
  • Spell recipes are now saved properly in a spell book
  • Archmage towers have been re-implemented! They no longer will crash the game.
  • Summed Skeleton has been re-textured
  • Magic fabricator no longer needs to be opened in between crafts
  • Magic fabricator properly puts items in nearby chests
  • Water shield turns flowing lava into cobblestone instead of obsidian
  • Non-craftable spells should no longer show up in random recipes
  • Earth shift up and down have been tweaked to be more "intelligent"
  • Spell descriptions now wrap to new lines and are a different color
  • Blue chalk can now only be used once, as intended
  • Summon dryad no longer summons an unkillable clone of itself
  • Aqua can no longer place water in the nether
  • Fire bolt lights blocks on fire more like you would expect
  • offensive spells will affect the ender dragon
  • Death penalty has been lessened. Number of levels lost on death is now configurable, as is whether or not you lose your affinity.
  • Mark location now persists through death
  • A bug where the spell book would lose its contents if the spell book used to open the GUI was moved from its original slot while the GUI was still open has been fixed. The spell book can no longer be moved in the GUI and is replaced with a red 'x'.
  • the mana curve has been re-implemened and re-balanced
  • Several game-crashing bugs have been fixed

Version Beta_2.92

  • Archmage Towers were removed due to a CTD causing bug
  • Armor defense has been re-balanced
  • Beta Tester Auras no longer show for the current player in first-person. Other player's auras are still visible.
  • Emeralds and Emerald blocks no longer cause the game to crash when thrown in a nexus
  • Caster GUI has been fixed
  • Magic Fabricator GUI has been fixed
  • Summoned entities now attack Ghasts. Also, they no longer warp around when in combat.
  • Caster level and mana now save properly when exiting the world
  • Inscription Table no longer creates 'ghost' items when exiting the GUI while there are still items in it

Version Beta_2.83

  • Infusion costs have been halved so that taking damage is not crippling mana-wise.
  • Increased attack rate of the Tower Guardian from 3s to 1.5s
  • All accepted beta tester tower submissions are now spawning in-game
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