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This is the section for known bugs on the wiki.

Please do not spam about a bugfix. This only results in wasted time and one very annoyed developer. Reporting a bug is fine but once acknowledged, please do not ask about the status, but rather consult the wiki as it will contain the latest updates.

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Known Bugs

State Description Comment
BugNew.png Wearing Master's Mage Armor that is damaged and rejoining a server resets the magic level display to 1. Cosmetic issue, yes, but annoying.
BugNew.png Blink can occasionally get you stuck
BugNew.png Armor Blackout causes dedicated server to crash
BugNew.png Applying redstone current to the magic fabricator causes dedicated server to crash
BugNew.png Wisp and Lich Pathfinding is broken
BugResolved.png Speed Modifying effects do not apply properly.
BugResolved.png Meteor jump does not work properly in creative mode. This is only in creative mode and is due to Forge event handling.
BugResolved.png Some mage towers generate strangely. For example, I have one that's supposed to generate in a forest biome. It generated on a chunky island, an island with sheer walls, that floated above a river and plains. It seems like generation code also adds in the surrounding area as well. Fixed, for the most part. Remaining issues are tower-specific and not really related to this bug anymore.
BugResolved.png Just a texture bug for the AET (Arcane Empowerment Table). The bottom of the block is the same texture as the sides. So it looks off.
BugResolved.png Jump can double cast in rare cases
BugResolved.png Mana elemental causes FPS drop, and so does Hecate to an extent.
BugResolved.png Dedicated server will not work. Ready for the next snapshot
BugResolved.png Chain Lightning does not do damage. It shows the attack though.
BugResolved.png You have to open the magic fabricator between making items otherwise it's won't produce an item.
BugResolved.png "Summoned skeleton has no legs? xD He has the botton of his feet though, so when he runs it looks really weird." That was one of the first textures haha. I kind of left it in as a look back on how far the mod has come. I will update it before release though.
BugResolved.png The Spell Book UI will not sync properly to clients when playing LAN as a guest, and pressing 'x' and 'z' , while updating the GUI, have no effect. There is no workaround to this, just don't use the spell book until I fix this.
BugResolved.png Possible balance issue- water shield turns flowing lava into obsidian, not cobblestone. Following MC mechanics, only still lava should be turned into cobble.
BugResolved.png Aqua creates water in the nether
BugResolved.png If you dye a spell book, it loses its inventory.
BugResolved.png Spells do not affect the Ender Dragon.
BugResolved.png When you put multiple spell recipes in a spell book they all turn into spell recipes for growth. This is related to spell book not syncing properly between client and server.
BugResolved.png When you change the color of the spell book it removes all spells in it.
BugResolved.png Fire bolt doesn't light blocks on fire like you'd expect
BugResolved.png Spell book loses contents if the book used to open the gui is moved while the gui is still open
BugResolved.png Non-craftable scrolls (summon dryad, hood of debugging) show up in random recipe scrolls
BugResolved.png I was testing the Magic Fabricator. I had filled the fabricator with energy, about 15000. I placed a chest next to the fabricator. I set it to make iron blocks (4500). I then flipped a lever that was next to the fabricator. I looked in the chest and their where no items. I then flipped the lever again. still no items. I then looked in the fabricator and saw that about 10000 energy had gone missing. I then broke the chest and flipped the lever again. This time a block popped out. I assume it tried to place the blocks in the chest and something went wrong.
BugResolved.png "Exploring the world crashed the game with the below stack trace (.92 version)" (KryosZ towergen)
BugResolved.png when i use earth shift up it creates a dead bush and no blocks are raised.
BugResolved.png Certain spell descriptions are too long, and as such cannot be read.
BugResolved.png The blue chalk can be used twice. Where on the wiki it is stated that it is a one time use item.
BugResolved.png "Every time a world is loaded, the Archmage's Tower is regenerated in a new location. (Debug in the top-left changes coordinates but leaves the previously generated towers.) I want to get this known because this could lead to spam-towers over a long term world." This has been temporarily resolved by the removal of the archmage tower. It was also the cause of the crashes on world creation. I will stabilize it, then add it back in.
BugResolved.png When you summon a dryad, there is a clone version that is unkillable, and the actual dryad spawns on top of the clone version.
BugResolved.png Mithion i have the mod on and it works great but when i place a block from the mod it doesn't show the texture. And when i hold a spell in my hand it doesn't show the texture. And same with the inside of the caster.
BugResolved.png "i don't think summoned mobs should be moving at the speed of light. can you please fix this as i cannot keep track of my minions" summoned creatures speed has been reduced in the latest build.
BugResolved.png The game can crash on initial world creation. This is due to the attempt to place the Archmage Tower taking too long. To workaround this, close the game, re-open it, and attempt to open the world again. Once the world is opened, this issue will not be a problem, it's only on initial world creation. It can crash several times before you actually start playing on the world. Please be patient. This has been resolved by the removal of the archmage tower temporarily.
BugResolved.png I'm aware that the particles are annoying at this point in time. You no longer see your own particles in first person. You will for others though.
BugResolved.png Throwing an emerald or emerald block into the nexus will cause the game to crash. This will be fixed shortly. This has been fixed
BugResolved.png Caster GUI is missing its texture. This has been fixed
BugResolved.png Magic Fabricator GUI has its slots mixed up. This has been fixed
BugResolved.png Summoned entities that attack in melee warp around randomly. This has been fixed
BugResolved.png Summoned entities do not attack Ghasts. Only the lich will, though, as he is the only one with any real range. And flight. The fire elemental won't waste his shot on them as they are immune to fire, and his ranged has a long cooldown.
BugResolved.png When runes in an inscription table are dropped, it seems that if they are in the inscription slots, they will create a "ghost" item. (in creative mode?) This has been fixed.
BugResolved.png "MISSING textures for the Caster block. This seriously affects the mod mechanics, as i cannot get any further now. This is a common bug for mods, as Java rarely lets you know of the missing textures." This has been resolved.
BugResolved.png Your magic level doesn't save, it resets when you quit the world. This has been resolved with the latest snapshot.
BugResolved.png When you close the game and go back in, your mana is completely refilled. This has been resolved in the latest snapshot.
BugResolved.png I put a blank Spell Parchment and a Rune Vestis in the Inscription Table and hit esc to close it i got the items back in my inventory but there was a copy of the items at my feet that i cant pick up quiting the world and then starting it again did clear the items This has been resolved in the latest beta snapshot.
BugRejected.png One of the small towers had terrain spawned in it such as trees and dirt and i had to break it to reach the various rooms. Not a bug - towers are meant to be dilapidated and more like ruins. I may put code in to somewhat reduce the blocks inside, but slightly sunken and overgrown towers are intended.
BugRejected.png I was using Too Many Items (Because I was turbo-gaming to explore everything in this mod), and I found that if you switch from creative to survival near the golem, and hit him with both physical and magic attacks, the golem just stands there/gets knocked back by the hit. Not a bug - summons are friendly targets. Unless you're referring to the Tower Guardian?
BugRejected.png "The spellbook inventory GUI at the corner of the screen overlaps the text at the corner of the screen." Not a bug - you can turn off the debug info with ';' (semicolon), and it will not be in the release.
BugRejected.png When i equiped the fire tome, a image of a fire essence appeared at the bottom of my screen, i then removed the tome but the essence stayed. This is not a bug - you gained fire affinity! It will be documented on the wiki shortly.
BugRejected.png "Projectiles work as intended until you use it on mobs, the projectiles do not seem to phase them and go straight through. The exception is AoE" This was proved to not be a bug.
BugRejected.png Summon dryad is not craftable I left this spell in for creative, but it is not meant to be craftable, since Dryads now spawn naturally and can be lured.
BugRejected.png Tower guardians can sometimes fall through the world. Bug with 1.3 in general
BugRejected.png "Lots of buildings spawn bit to much underground or half inside mountains. You have to dig them out then ( inside the house a blocks as well they should be not there) Trees are growing in houses as well. " See tower generation bugs above.
BugNew.png New BugInProgress.png In Progress BugFixed.png Fix in Place BugResolved.png Resolved BugRejected.png Rejected BugUnableToReproduce.png Unable to Reproduce