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Teleport forward a short distance.


Distance varies based on Casting Mode. If augmented, the distance is 25 blocks. If normal, the distance is 10, and diminished, the distance is 5.

Player's look vector is extrapolated out [distance] blocks, and the location is checked to ensure that the player can occupy that space. If not, the distance is reduced by 1 block and the check is retried. This is repeated until the player's position is reached, in which case a message will appear "Can't find a place to blink forward to."

Line of sight is not required to teleport, meaning the player can teleport through walls.

This spell is used instead of blank Spell Parchment when crafting Seven League Stride.

This spell can be used to pass through bedrock. It's suggested that you not keep this spell at the ready in deep mines as accidents may occur.

Mana Cost[edit]

Diminished: 40

Normal: 160

Augmented: 220



Castable by NPCs[edit]


Castable by Caster Block[edit]