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Beta Tester Particles[edit]

All people who participated in the closed beta have particles around their character. These particles are can be customized for each beta tester.

Customizations will not be prioritized over bug fixes. Please be patient.

Spamming requests for anything such as "is my sprites set?" will result in your request being given a lower priority.

BladeMaster321 Who are the people(minecraft users) that have beta aura

Custom Particle Rules[edit]

  1. The spritesheet MUST be square (width = height).
  2. The frames inside the spritesheet MUST be square and the same size.
  3. The spritesheet MUST NOT exceed 512px x 512px regardless of the number of frames.
  4. It is not required to have animated particles however the same restrictions apply. In other words you can have one particle that has a high resolution (up to 512px x 512px)

Customizing Beta Tester Particles[edit]

To customize your beta particles you need to create a spritesheet that meets the conditions above. To do this it helps to start out with graphics software that supports layers such as Gimp or Paint.Net.

Once you have the software installed create a square image.

Create a new layer and draw a grid section off the image into equal sections. Each of these sections will be a frame in the animation.


From here create another new layer. This layer will be used to create the animation. Create each frame of the animation. Frames are rendered in the order of row then column. This means the top left frame will be drawn first, then the top second from the left, etc.

Any frames that are empty at the end of the spritesheet will not be included in the animation loop. For example the image below will only animate 10 frames even though there is space for 16.


Once finished delete the layer that the grid was in. This will leave only the sprites that you want rendered in the sheet.


As one final note, please ensure the background is transparent.

Once you have finished save the spritesheet as a PNG and send it to Mithion in a PM on the forum. Ensure the subject contains "Set beta particles for [UserName]"

Mithion will NOT be editing the spritesheets for you. If there is an issue you will need to correct it.