Arcane Reconstructor

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Arcane Reconstructor
First Appear Version 1
Type of Block Interactive
Stackable? Yes
Tool Used to Break Pickaxe
Data Values Hex: *Need Info*
*Need Info*
Obeys Law of Physics? No
Luminosity No
Transparency No


This block will repair damaged equipment using Raw Essence


Place this block close enough to a source of Essence to allow it to be powered. As standard, the block will store a maximum of 100,000 essence. There are three slots in the top of the interface, where Charge Foci or Mana Foci can be placed. Items that need to be repaired can be placed in one of the 6 spaces to the left. One by one, they will move to the center, where they will be repaired, before being placed in one of the 6 spaces to the right.



This block can repair tools made with the mod Tinker's Construct.


Spell Research Table, Reconstructor and Keystone Block by Huntanor